Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

We have designed our programme to give students an edge through developing a love for learning and competence of skills. Our strong educational practice is based on current research, standards of developmentally appropriate practice of Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence.
Based on Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, the Sydney Home School curriculum aims to develop each child’s multiple intelligence and its specific learning domain, which includes: linguistic, musical, logical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal & intrapersonal.
We cultivate your child’s unique talent through our multiple intelligences (MI) curriculum. Your child will be engaged in MI activities which are designed to continuously exercise your child’s mind and strengthen her/his unique talents.
Our muscles get strengthened with regular exercise, similarly, your child’s intelligences develop with regular exercise; As a result, their dominant intelligences become stronger and their weaker intelligences can also be awakened.


It is a unique way of designing the home of the child in the form of a kindergarten. It is not the method of conducting school in home, instead the home itself becomes school.


Kottayam, Kerala, India
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